Instead they will put a schedule in your income tax forms that

First off, the Trudeau plan will not reimburse you for what you spend on direct increased costs due to the carbon tax such as higher gasoline or home heating costs.Instead they will put a schedule in your income tax forms that will reimburse you for parts of it based on Canadian averages.If you have a larger than average family size, a larger than average home or a longer than average commute, then you will pay more.Government of Canada statistics claim the average passenger vehicle travelled 15,400 km in 2016. If they use that as the benchmark, then someone that lives in a suburb and drives downtown to work each day will be paying a lot more on the carbon tax than someone who lives in the city close to work.You won get that money back, but many living downtown and taking the look at here now bus, subway or Uber all over town will.So even on direct costs, compensation depends on circumstances.Then there are the indirect costs.For these the government won reimburse you at all.What are the indirect costs of the carbon tax?The price of just about everything going up.Your groceries, your clothes, your dinner out, your golf game, your cup of coffee.Vehicles makes there way into and out of downtown Toronto along the Gardiner Expressway. (Toronto Sun files)Nathan Denette/THE CANADIAN PRESSAnything you buy that moves by car or truck will see a price increase of varying degrees.

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