According to some studies and statistical researches, cancer is one of the top 10 chronic diseases that affect people in 21st century.

Is There a Cure for It?

Many people have lost their battles with this illness and scientists that live all around the world still conduct researches every day just to find a cure for it. Even though there is no cure for certain types of cancer, it is known that both some medications and a healthy diet can be used in prevention of breast cancer.

Hormones as a Prevention

Recent studies show that keeping hormones in balance is considered to be a prevention for breast cancer and testosterone (T) is especially beneficial for breast cancer survivors. National Institutes of Health stated that the healthy level of this hormone (280 to 1100 ng/dL for men and 30 to 95 ng/dL for women) is good as a protection since it lowers the risk of this disease. That is why a person should maintain the balance of T and treat its deficiency.

How to Treat Testosterone Deficiency?

Although testosterone is known as a male hormone, female glands also produce it (ovaries, for instance). When you maintain a healthy level of T within your body, your immune system is stronger and both your physical and mental functions work well. If your lab results show that there is a deficiency in T in your blood, you may consider a testosterone therapy.

What are the Methods in Treating the Hormonal Imbalance?

Solutions to balance this hormone level are many. You can choose from options listed below:

  • Testosterone pellets – If you choose this kind of treatment, you will have to go under a surgery, because the pellets have to be implanted under your skin in order to be efficient. They usually last from four to six months. After this period, you have to undergo a surgery again.
  • Herbal supplements – T boosters are the most common supplements that treat testosterone imbalance. Healthy people such as the athletes also use these food additives, so make sure to inform about top testosterone pills.
  • Injections – The testosterone shots are the fastest way to increase T because they are injected into your muscle tissue. Since testosterone gets into your blood flow as soon as you inject it, the shots are given to the patients once in two to four weeks.
  • Dermal medicaments – You can treat T level by applying it on your skin using either testosterone patches or creams and gels. Either way, the medicament should be applied every day on a clean and dry skin.

Before deciding on which treatment solution is the best for you, it is recommended to consult with your doctor first.

Will Testosterone Therapy Work?

In some research studies, the patients with malignant tumors have showed improvements in their treatments and the size of the tumor have been reduced upon receiving the testosterone therapy. Since testosterone affects each part of a body, it will also have a significant effect on the breast tissues.

Keep in mind that you can maintain a healthy body if you pay attention to your eating and drinking habits since there are various carcinogens in both food and water.

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