Essential amino acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. To move a molecule of water (condensation), the amino group of an amino acid can bind to the carboxyl group of another.
The bond between amino acids is called a peptide bond. The group of one or more amino acids at both ends of the chain leaves free groups, that can bind to other amino acids. A chain of more amino acids linked by peptide bonds takes the generic name of polypeptide, or more polypeptides constitute a protein.
Amino acids that appear in proteins of all living organisms  are under genetic control. The information on the type and position of an amino acid in a protein is encoded in the DNA. Within the ribosome (ribosomal RNA from the ribosome ècomposto (r-RNA) and protein material, and its function is to synthesize, beginning a chain of messenger RNA (m RNA), proteins), amino acids are aligned according to the genetic code: an amino acid for every molecule of messenger RNA. When the chain is complete (all the amino acids), the ribosome “factory” a protein. Some amino acids are called essential because they must be introduced in to our body already preformed. The other amino acids, in the event that they are present in foods, the body can be manufactured from other nutrients and are called “non-essential”. By the presence of essential amino acids depends on the so-called “biological value” of proteins, namely the likelihood that positive food proteins are used properly by the body. For the athlete fitness and bodybuilding, for the anabolism of protein in the presence of adequate stimulation: muscle hypertrophy by a nice conditioning workout at the gym.

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